CEREC is the new standard in high-tech one day dentistry. It is available for your all porcelain dental crowns, bridges and inlays.

From the remove your old leaking mercury fillings, repair broken teeth, improve aesthetics to complete dental makeovers.  This can all be done in a single visit without any temporary measures and is ideal for people with limited time (Tourists and business people). No need for unpleasant impressions or a second injection (it’s all done during the primary visit). Within 45 minutes a tooth can be restored completely.


The laser is a very precise and powerful tool used to correct gum levels, treat gum disease and stop bleeding. As the beam is highly focused it causes much less trauma, post-operative swelling and discomfort than conventional treatments.

Painless Anaesthesia – The Wand

Painful and ineffective injections of the past were responsible for many dental phobias. This local anesthesia delivery system combined with precise and gentle techniques enables us to keep discomfort and stress levels to an absolute minimum.


A digital photograph of your smile is taken at the consultation for diagnostic and educational purposes. We will also always provide you with before and after photographs.

Intra-oral Camera

Patients are often unaware of their health condition, but with an intra-oral digital camera, patient education is simplified by being able to help the patient see what you see. With bright LED or halogen light sources, these intra-oral digital cameras also allow to visualize more, helping diagnose fractures the naked eye would never see.

Digital X-rays

The latest in computer imaging technology is used to help us design your smile and diagnose any tooth pathology. You are guided through a series of informed choices as part of this design process. We use the principles of smile design in conjunction with your preferences to design your ideal smile.